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The Linux Boot Process of 2004

A decade ago, I was a new graduate student at William and Mary taking a course called “Linux Kernel Internals.” For this course, we all presented a walk-through of a particular part of the kernel. I had the boot process, and I created the slides Booting: From Power Up to Login Prompt. The slides can […]

Phylobinary Trees

A fundamental tenet of modern biology is that life happened once. In principle, we can trace the lineage of everything alive today back to that occurrence. And, as a consequence, everything alive is related. We can infer how related everything is by comparing the genomes of different species. Because the genomes for humans and chimps […]

Computer Science is Not Math

A surprisingly common sentiment among some programmers is that “computer science is math.” Certainly, computer science as a rigorous discipline emerged from mathematics. Now, we consider such foundational work to be theoretical computer science. For example, Alonzo Church’s lambda calculus and Alan Turing’s Turing machine provided a theoretical foundation for computation. At the time, the […]